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The ultimate, ultimate driving machine

BMW M Service

BMW's M line of vehicles require additional care and attention to detail. At Level 30, we are well versed in the specific needs of M cars, and we will provide the highest level of quality when it comes to servicing your BMW M.

M Services

Special services that we provide for M cars include but are not limited to:

- Pinned Crank Hub replacement 

- Rod Bearing Service 

- SMG service and conversions

- Vanos service

- Subframe & Chassis reinforcement

- Aftermarket Upgrades

- Tuning hardware and software installation

- And many more


Engine oil evaluations

Many BMW M cars require engine rod bearing services at regular intervals. If this service is not completed, you can end up with a spun rod bearing and a very costly repair. The best way to know if your engine needs to have the rod bearings replaced is to send an oil sample to a lab where they evaluate the content of metals in the oil. At Level 30, we offer this service as an add-on for all of our oil changes.

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