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Kyle Robertson

Owner, Founder, CEO, Technician, HR Director, Janitor Bookkeeper, Marketing Director, Hiring Manager... etc.

Kyle Robertson is an entrepreneur car enthusiast from Ft. Myers, FL. He spent his late teens and early 20s perusing a career as a racing driver, while also starting and running several small businesses in various industries. In 2011, Kyle graduated from NASCAR Technical Institute. After many years working independently on autocross, drift and racing cars, Kyle founded Level 30 Automotive in 2019. Kyle is a proud girl dad and spends his free time at car shows, working on his race car and practicing on a racing simulator. 

Zach Robertson

Office Manager / Service Advisor

The passion for cars and racing runs in the family. Kyle's younger brother Zach is the office manager and service advisor at Level 30 Automotive. Zach has a deep passion for both cars and motorcycles. Zach has a strong background in both sport and management, having worked for 10 years at Hertz Arena as the organizer for all of the hockey and figure skating events and leagues. 


Justin DiGiorgio

Service Director 

Our Service Director Justin is a BMW Master Technician with every available BMW certification. He spent 18 years at a BMW dealership before making the move to Level 30 in early 2023. At the dealership, Justin trained many of the apprentice technicians as well as taking on some of the more challenging repairs that others weren't able to figure out. In his free time, Justin is an avid kayak racer and has a 1990 BMW 325 that he has extensively upgraded. 

Mystery Mechanic

Master Technician


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